Discomgoogolation can partially be defined as being stressed or anxious at an inability to access the Internet. According to a survey back in 2008, 44% of Britons already suffer from this... This is just an indication that we are becoming more dependant on having information at hand 24/7. Be it via a laptop or a cellphone.

Cellphone technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years. I still remember getting my Nokia 7210, which was one of the early phones with a decent colour screen. Soon afterwards, cameras were integrated into the handsets and now GPS's are quite common. Fast forward a few years, and my Samsung Omnia has a 5 Mpx camera, GPS, good web browser with HSDPA, touch screen and 16Gb memory, To put this in perspective, its processor is about twice as fast than my first Intel Pentium based machine and has about 14x as much storage space, whilst remaining big enough to fit into my pocket.

Ok... So we all know that technology is improving and soon enough todays best cellphones will be obsolete, but what does this mean? Coming back to the point on Discomgoogolation, I believe that “cellphones” will soon become the primary source of connectivity to the Internet. And not only that; they will soon replace the traditional laptop for mobile work. This is not to say that the laptop will disappear, but its role in mobile connectivity will change.

Some of the barriers of widespread adoption within the business world with regards to cellphone applications, is the limitation of screen size, processor speeds and cumbersome data input. However, few people could have predicted the merging of cellphones, GPS's, and Cameras over the past 7 years, and I therefore have no doubt that within the next few years, there will be widespread adoption of solutions that solve these issues. Another recent trend starting to emerge, is “Cloud Computing”. There has been much hype around it with various definitions thrown around, but fundamentally, there is a shift of processing happening on the client side, to the server side. This also has a positive impact on the addoption of cellphones as a primary business tool..

Reading an ancient book by Bill Gates (written back in the dark days of 1999), he repeatedly stated that keeping up and ahead of change has become essential in the modern world. Within business, there are a few truths that will always remain and this is one of them: We constantly have to think of ways of repositioning ourselves in order to remain ahead of the curve. People and businesses who position themselves now, with a vision of the future will be ready to ride the inevitable next wave of technological advancement. It's almost here.

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