I heard about the Cooliris plugin for Firefox browser which allows you to "fly" through either online or local photos in 3D. It's easiest said in a video, so check it out below.

On my first attemp to install it, it looked like it wasn't supported on Linux. After a little looking around, I realised that it was just the latest version which wasn't supported, which is what the Firefox "Add-ons" wizard finds. (Windows works via the normal plugin download/install method)

If you're running Linux (or Mac), use the following link to install the last supported version of the plugin for your OS:


It worked pretty well as an image viewer for my local images, except that I had to start my browser, click on the Cooliris button and then change to a full screen view - about 2 clicks more that I should have to. Ok... I know, I'm being a bit difficult here, but I was wondering if I could use this plugin without it being obvious that it's running in a browser.

So... The following "hack" should be possible on any platform which will turn your plugin into an impressive image viewer. Firstly create new Firefox profile for this plugin to use.

On Windows, create a shortcut to Firefox (or execute in command prompt) and add the -P switch. IE. Execute "~/firefox installation path/ firefox.exe -P"
On Linux, simply type "firefox -P" in a Terminal.

This will launch a profile selection dialogue box. Create a new profile and name it something E.g. "Cooliris". Launch Firefox with the new profile created. You'll see that none of your bookmarks, installed plugins etc. are listed and that's because it's as if it's a "fresh" install and totally separate from your default profile.

Using the Tools>>Add Ons wizard download and install the "Full Screen 3.4" plugin which will allow us to start up in full screen mode, without any tool bars or tabs showing. Once that is finished install the Cooliris plugin for your respective machine as described above. You should be able to click on the Icon to the right of the Google search bar to give it a go. Now, Set the "Full Screen 3.4" preferences to open full screen and hide tabs by clicking on Tools>>Add Ons, selecting, "Extensions" tab, "Full Screen 3.4" and then "Preferences". Click on the Cooliris button to launch it and set the URL to your homepage in Firefox preferences/properties.      

Now that we've created a new profile specifically for using Cooliris, now you have to create a shortcut to use that specific profile. 

In Linux, create a shortcut to execute "firefox -P Cooliris". (Cooliris being the name of your profile created.)
In windows, create a shortcut to "~/firefox installation path/ firefox.exe -P Cooliris".

Clicking on this link should directly open the plugin in full screen mode, while using your standard Firefox shortcut will work as normal. 

As a sidenote, unfortunately, there is no exit button, so you either have to press "F11" and then click on exit or "Alt+F4", but it's not really a big deal.
Note, it seems as though you can't run two different instances of Firefox at the same time with different profiles. That is, you'll have to close one and open the other view.

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