Well... It's almost here - Ubuntu 10.04 aka Lucid Lynx. Tomorrow is the final launch and at a quick glance, it seems that they've changed more than I thought they would. Firstly, there's no more brown theme... it's now purple by default... Hmmmmm... not a fan of purple but we'll see what the community says.

But, forget the theme - that can easily be changed. By far the most important things happen under the skin. There's some interesting new apps and background improvements such as faster boot times, which is already very impressive and improved support for video drivers. A very interesting development is the inclusion of an online music store which integrates with the free 2Gb Ubuntu One online storage which all Ubuntu users already have. Then there is the online social networking integration into the OS which sounds very interesting. E.g. Twitter, identi.ca, Facebook, and others via the new "MeMenu".

I haven't installed it as yet on a machine as yet, but can't wait to get hold of it and try it out. This is one of my biggest problems with Ubuntu - As soon as a new release comes out, I have to get it immediately! I'll report back sometime soon.

Found a very cool Windows 8 mock-up done in Flash called the "Copenhagen Concept". Hopefully MS can incorporate some of these ideas into the next Windows 8.

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