To watch the Star Wars movie in a terminal, type the following and hit enter
(Works in Linux, Windows and probably Mac as well.)


Finally, Microsoft seems to making headway with Windows 8 and it seems to be heavily influenced by the Windows Phone 7 interface. A video has been released which showcases some of the new features and it looks pretty awesome. It's very different to the usual start menu/ windows/ desktop environment which has been around since windows 3.11. 

It quite obviously has to compete with the likes of Android and Mac's iOS on tablets. However, I suspect that due to its late start, it'll always be playing catch-up. Now that users have become familiar with new interfaces, it'll be hard for Microsoft to claim back market share. Finally, because Android and iOS have had such a head start, their app markets are fairly mature, and this is where the real value lies.

It'll be interesting to see how Windows 8 fairs on the tablet against Google and Mac.

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