I previously mentioned advertising on websites. I checked out Google AdSense since I use many of Google's products including Gmail, iGoogle, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Docs etc. Safe to say that they've got my life in their hands. (Scary to think...)

Anyway I digress - I registered and set up ads. The process was honestly more complex than I realised but then again I had a simplistic understanding to start with. It wasn't difficult but it was a bit time consuming because I wanted to understand everything and yes, I did read the entire "Terms & Conditions". Most people (including myself) normally skip over these but in this case I felt it rather important. Once registered and set up, there are tools provided to track the number of page impressions, ad clicks, Page CTR, earnings etc. Payments are made by check posted to your physical address once your earnings reach $100 (US). I think that electronic fund transfers are also available. Once set up, a crawler analyses the content of the website and places a relevant ad. On blogger.com, it is done with a few clicks but if you place an ad on a "manually" developed web page, you would copy and paste a section of HTML code. I'm still waiting for the crawler to analyse the content of this page because until that stage (as I understand) it will continue to display public service adds.

All in all, it wasn't a difficult process, but set aside more than 5 minutes to complete it.



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