"London - Spending on online ads overtook advertising on mainstream TV in Britain last year, growing 40% to £2.8bn and accounting for 19% of all advertising, UK regulator Ofcom said."

"Online advertising spending was dominated by paid-for search, in which sponsored links appear as internet search results. Paid-for search accounted for £1.6bn pounds, with the rest split equally between display and classified ads. "

"In its annual report on Britain's £51bn communications industry, the watchdog found that Britons spent four times as much time on computers, or 24 minutes a day, and twice as much time on cellphones in 2007 as in 2002. "

There seem to be so many advantages to advertising on the net vs TV mass marketing I'm really not surprised that this has eventually happened. Not only can advertising be directed better (think simple Google Ads), but maybe more importantly, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign to some degree. With some of the new online tools, you can objectively measure the impact of an advert. Calculating ROI from advertising spending is difficult but these tools at least make a step in the right direction.



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