The one complaint that I've often heard about moving to another OS from Windows, is "If my games worked, I may change to xyz".

If games are one of the big barriers to change, then I wonder what the effect of many gamers moving to consoles will have on the PC OS market share. And with the netbooks/ iPads and Google Chrome OS, which can't really run
the hardcore games, maybe even more users will be moving to consoles.

This should surely have some sort of negative effect on the PC OS's that are "locking" users in based on games availability.


  1. Oli4 Says:
  2. I have moved over to consoles completely and don't realy play pc games anymore. That meant that my 2 year old notebook lasts so much longer as I am running Ubuntu on it and do most of the webdev stuff that I want to do in Eclipse (Most hardcore .net things is done on the machines at my office either remotely or via VM and virtualbox also outperforms VPC completely in my opinion). Everything is soooooo much more reliable (And boot times rock) and i don't need windows to run any games for me anymore. (Some stuff i even WINE and that works for me)

  3. Martin Says:
  4. Yeh, I've also got a X-box recently for gaming and keep the laptop for work only. I agreed with Carel last month that he'd get me a iPad for some work that I was doing, so going to be using the laptop even less. This way, I've allowed myself to use pretty much whatever OS I want. I also use WINE on Ubuntu to run MS Office 2007, because I do think that it's a better product than Open Office. The Awesomeness of freedom :-)


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